Find the “Unaccounted-For” Memory Using RAMMap

As a DBA, have you ever experienced or witnessed the “unaccounted-for” memory issue where memory utilization is at 100% or close to 100% and SQL Server is using only the Max Server Memory configured and the remaining majority of the memory is being used by other process or processes not showing up in the Task Manager processes tab? First of all, let me give you a warm welcome to the DBA world of “guilty until proven innocent!” Second, you need to get into the habit of being able to defend yourself from these wrongful, hurtful, and plainly ignorant accusations. These accusation will always end with “…It’s the DBAs issue. They need to fix it!” Third, be a bigger man or a more civilized woman, don’t argue with the folks doing the blame or else you will be in the same class as they are. But, share with them your technical findings with supportive evidences to prove the root causes of the issues. In this case, use RAMMap to identify or explain SQL Server is not using all the memory. It is VMWare Tools or other apps that are hogging all the memory.

You can read more details about RAMMap and download it on Yes. It is free from Microsoft. One “red tape” removed here. But, you may have other bureaucratic policies that may prevent you from installing it. Similar to other advices that I had shared with you in the past years, watch some political debates or watch the Sunday news programs to see how the professionals, the politicians, deploy diplomacy and how to get it done!

Here’s an example of “Driver Locked” using 21,811,372 KB of memory and it does not show up in Task Manager. As you click through the different tabs in RAMMap, you will be able to identify the app that’s using all these memory.

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