How to List the Login’s Databases Access and Database Role(s) on One Row?

Challenge: A SQL Server login has access to 3 databases. The database users will be the same as the login. You have been requested to list the login’s database access on the instance and the role(s) the login’s database user belongs to in each of the databases like the screen-shot blow:
Logins and DB Access and Roles

Here’s the solution. It is based on the blog, in addition to utilizing the correlated query plus the STUFF() function:

-- find all logins and their database access and role memberships in one row
DECLARE @dbname nvarchar(123)
, @id int
, @max int
, @cmdDBUsersRoles nvarchar(max)

-- temp table to stored the databases
IF OBJECT_ID('tempdb..#db_list') IS NOT NULL
    DROP TABLE #db_list

    id int identity (1,1)
    , dbname nvarchar(123)

-- temp table to store the databases, users, roles that users belong to
IF OBJECT_ID('tempdb..#dbs_users_roles') IS NOT NULL
	DROP TABLE #dbs_users_roles

CREATE TABLE #dbs_users_roles
	dbname nvarchar(123),
	dbuser nvarchar(123),
	dbrole nvarchar(123),
	account_type nvarchar(123),
	create_date datetime,
	modify_date datetime

-- load the database list into the temp table
INSERT INTO #db_list
FROM sys.databases db
WHERE db.state = 0;

-- initialize the counters 
SELECT @id = 1, @max = max(id)
FROM #db_list

-- loop to process 
WHILE (@id <= @max)
    SELECT @dbname = dbname
    FROM #db_list
    WHERE id = @id;

	SET @cmdDBUsersRoles = 'USE ' +@dbname+
		FROM sys.database_role_members drm JOIN sys.database_principals rp
				ON drm.role_principal_id = rp.principal_id
			JOIN sys.database_principals dp
				ON drm.member_principal_id = dp.principal_id';

	INSERT INTO #dbs_users_roles
	EXEC (@cmdDBUsersRoles);

	SET @id = @id + 1;

--SELECT dsr.dbname AS [Database Name],
--	dsr.dbuser AS [Database User],
--	dsr.dbrole AS [Database Role],
--	dsr.account_type AS [Account Type],
--	dsr.create_date,
--	dsr.modify_date
--FROM #dbs_users_roles AS dsr;

IF OBJECT_ID('tempdb..#dbs_users') IS NOT NULL
	DROP TABLE #dbs_users;

SELECT dsr.dbname AS [Database Name],
	dsr.dbuser AS [Database User],
	dsr.account_type AS [Account Type],
	STUFF((SELECT '; ' + dr.dbrole 
			FROM #dbs_users_roles AS dr
			WHERE dr.dbname = dsr.dbname AND dr.dbuser = dsr.dbuser
			FOR XML PATH('')),1,1,''
	) AS [DB Roles]
INTO #dbs_users 
FROM #dbs_users_roles AS dsr
GROUP BY dsr.dbname, dsr.dbuser, dsr.account_type, dsr.create_date, dsr.modify_date

SELECT u.[Database User],
	u.[Account Type],
	STUFF((SELECT ' ' +'%[DB]: ' +urs.[Database Name]+ ' [DB Role(s)]:' +urs.[DB Roles]
		FROM #dbs_users urs
		WHERE urs.[Database User] = u.[Database User]
		FOR XML PATH('')),1,1,''
	) [DB Access and Roles]
FROM #dbs_users u
GROUP BY u.[Database User], u.[Account Type]
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