Why This Blog?

Like many others, I started as an “accidental SQL Server database administrator” back in January 2002. A semester before my college graduation, I was hired as a system administrator by a small company in New York City. Yes, it sounds like a great title for a 21 year old. But, many of us in the IT industry know that it comes with many hats. It simply means you are the help-desk administrator/system administrator/network engineer/webmaster/programmer/database administrator and many others not listed. It was and still is impossible to be proficient or well versed in all the technologies and the steps required to perform the tasks that the job required. I have found myself constantly referring to the reference books and online documentations. Slowly and progressively, I was developing a knowledge base for myself without even aware of it by saving the information that I refer to frequently in bookmarks and corresponding folders by categories. It was my poor man’s version of the modern day WordPress blogging system.

Everyone’s experiences with a skillset are unique. The good way to improve a craft is through constant practice. A better and more effective approach is to document and sharing the required knowledge with others to help others understand and utilize the skillset to solve problems when the opportunity arises. Notice that I say share rather than teach.Teach is usually the process of transferring book knowledge via lectures with concepts. It is a one-directional process from a teacher to students. In contrast to teaching, sharing is the process of presenting the knowledge and experiences in an interactive way. It is bi-directional. For example, I have shared my versions of technical documentations with my colleagues and the benefits are usually at least twofold as they will be able to follow the instructions to resolve the problems at hand and also helped me improve the documentations through proof-reading in addition to their recommendations and more efficient approaches on how to go about resolving the problems.

In this blog site, you can think of me as a tour guide, I am not here to teach you anything new, but to show you and share with you my unique experiences and interactions with SQL Server administration on a daily basis. I hope you can do the same with your comments and replies and better yet share with our fellow readers if you have better ways and solutions. My feelings won’t be hurt if you have the better alternatives or solutions and willing to share.

Instead of answering why this blog, wouldn’t we rather ask why not?